Busy Bees


Busy Bees is American prep dressing at its best.  Effortless clothing that is sophisticated yet approachable, sporty and chic.  With vibrant colors, iconic stripes, clean lines and luxurious fabrics, busy bees puts a modern twist on classic favorites. 

The creation of two moms who met while working at a Fashion PR firm in New York. One grew up in Europe and the other in the South. Dressing up for social functions, holidays and even taking a trip was part of their childhood.  By fusing backgrounds and love of fashion, the founders set out to create a brand inspired by the clothes they wore as kids, but updated for today’s more casual lifestyle. The result is a playful yet classically-inspired collection for each season of preppy-chic dresses, skirts, pants, tops, and outerwear for girls and boys, ages 3 months to 12 years.   

Meet Miss b. She's a girl on the go who is growing up fast! With the many hats she wears -- student, musician, animal lover, volunteer, athlete -- she wants clothes that fit her lifestyle. Sophisticated yet playful. Stylish but not too fussy. Adorable and functional. Visit Miss B.